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Why Plenum

Serving to the community over 51 Years.

Global Presence / Global Talent
Plenum has a global presence with operations in USA as well as other four countries. Plenum provides Drug R&D Services / Clinical Research Services from USA as well as India. Plenum has a talent pool of PhDs, MD’s, Nurses, Pharmacists, Chemists / Biochemist, Research professionals, Life sciences graduates and IT experts backed by solid Project Management experience.  
Global Outsourcing  
Plenum provides flexible, cost effective functional outsourcing options including Offsite which will yield maximum flexibility and a blended model with Offsite and Offshore outsourcing to realize maximum cost savings. With an extensive global network of talented, experienced clinical research and data management professionals, Plenum is capable of introducing the brightest and most experienced professionals to companies seeking clinical research and data management expertise.  
Plenum’s Clinical Research Services are focused on CDISC standards. Plenum has a CDISC Center of Excellence (CoE) which comprises of experts in standards such as ODM, SDTM and ADaM. Plenum’s Clinical Data Management as well as Biostatistics teams comprise of core team members who provide guidance to the delivery team on CDISC compliance all the way until generating the submission dockets.  
Alliances, Partnerships and Memberships Around the World
With strategic partnerships, alliances and memberships with various organizations around the world Plenum stays ahead of the competition and provide exceptional service exceeding client expectations.  
Plenum has a mandatory training which all employees have to take as a part of induction program. This is a rigorous full-time training program tailor-made to fit the current industry requirements.

Plenum Provides over 40 career oriented training in pharmaceutical / Healthcare field.

Plenum is a SAS Accredited Training Provider for the pharmaceutical industry.   

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